What is Slim’s?

At Slim's Healthy Kitchen we aim to bring a fresh approach to food, by quite simply making healthier food choices more accessible and more exciting. Not everything we sell in our restaurants is uber healthy, raw or organic, it's not what we are about. What we are about is choices. Walk into any of our restaurants and find something to eat around most diet choices from grass-fed meats, gluten free, paleo, vegan offerings and even slimming world. Each customer can build a menu to suit them. The idea is that your partner, best friend or granny can come to enjoy a meal in a social environment with you, instead of asking for an egg white omelet and being looked at as though you are the odd one out.

A note from our founder.

While Slim's Healthy Kitchen was still a concept, I travelled all over the UK and Europe looking for inspiration. I found plenty of healthy eateries but I couldn't find a single outlet that matched my vision, or the level of innovation I knew could be achieved. That vision is stronger than ever, and is continuously evolving. To take Slim's to the global market, I need partners who share the same drive and passion - to take it there, I need people with skin in the game. The food sector is fierce, fast-moving and unforgiving, and our customer make up is diverse, but we know what works for the brand and its now loyal customers. Slim