How do I place an order?

Select the product which suits you best add to cart and check out. At the checkout you will be asked where you would like to collect your meals from.


Do You Deliver?

We are not currently offering delivery.

My Discount Code won’t work?

Is your code a one time code that you’ve used previously? If so it cannot be reused. But not to fear – keep an eye out for more codes in the future.

Do you do a vegan/vegetarian plan?

Yes - we have a vegan option.

Do you do bespoke meals?

We currently do not offer bespoke meals.

When is the order deadline?

Our order deadline is Friday at 5pm , this is to ensure efficient orders on our side and minimise waste.

What if I miss the order deadline?

Unfortunately we wont be able to process any orders after Friday 5pm, our orders reopen on a Monday at 9am.

Can I order for a friend?

You can indeed – just enter their information and use your own to checkout and pay.


Where can I collect my meals?

All collection information can be view under our collection info header.

What time do I collect my meals?

All collection information can be view under our collection info header.

Can I send someone else to collect my meals?

If sending someone else, please make sure they know the name and email used to make the booking along with how many to collect.

I have an incomplete or damaged order?

Please contact us within 24 hours on Sales@slimskitchen.com – quoting your name and email used to order. Please attach any relevant images and we will get back to you ASAP. Unfortunately after this time frame we will not be able to address any issues or replace meals.

None of the collection points suit me?

If you would like to suggest a collection point please email us at sales@slimskitchen.com and we will review.


Which plan is best for me?

If you’re not sure we have loads of information below on each plan, if you still need help why not email us on sales@slimskitchen.com and request a call and we can give you a hand.

Will the meals be labelled?

All meals are labelled with the calories, macros and use by date. We will also be adding a barcode for my fitness pal users to log their food.

Can I freeze the meals?

We recommend the meals are refrigerated, however as the meals have never been frozen and leave our kitchen fresh this is at your own discretion.

Will the meals change?

We aim to rotate meals weekly so no 2 weeks are ever the same. 

Please note - dishes and ingredients may change based on the availability of stock from our suppliers. We will try our best to prevent this from happening.

What if I have food allergies?

We cannot create bespoke meals catering to allergies requests at present, we recommend you order with caution and carefully check labelling on receipt.

I don’t like some of the meals can I swap?

Unfortunately we are unable to make substitutions.


Please note - if you fail to collect your meals by the final day of use by, your meals will be donated on to charities or disposed of. We will not be able to remake or refund for a failure to collect. 

If you’re in anyway unhappy with your order please contact us straight away at sales@slimskitchen.com