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Our plans work in 3 day cycles, we prepare for you to collect on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Step 1 - Decide what plan is going work for you

Step 2 - Choose where you want to collect (We aren't offering delivery just yet)

Step 3 - Pay online

Step 4 - We prepare everything fresh

Step 5 - We will let you know when your food's ready to collect

*Order by Friday 5pm for Monday collection.


Temptation is everywhere we look today. It's easier to get your hands on junk food than it is to get a healthier alternative. Multinational companies have made processed food so cheap and readily available that it's everywhere; a chocolate bar that's manufactured and packaged costs less to buy than an apple that has fallen from a tree. 

As history tells us, our ancestors hunted and gathered their food daily but with modern day life taking over, not all of us have the time to go chucking spears. With so many of us conscious of what we eat and drink, we are constantly faced with the struggle of preparation when it comes to food. 


Now what should you order?


Our starter plan is the MINIMISE plan – On it’s own it’s for those looking to eat good, nutritious food whilst maintaining a calorie deficit and lose body fat. The 2 meals a day would add up to around 1000 calories. This is a good starting point, where you can add in your own breakfast and/or snacks to hit your daily calorie target.


We also offer TWO add on packs, Protein and Carbs.

By adding these to your MINIMISE plan you will be doing the following,


CARB PACK – Ideal if you require more carbs to hit those goals. Bulk out your meals, fuel your training. You will receive extra portions of carbs to add to your individual meals.

PROTEIN PACK – higher protein targets? Add this to your minimise plan if you’re wanting to maintain weight or add weight. With each collection you’ll receive extra lean protein to add to your individual meals or eat separately throughout the day.

You don’t have to add both packs, you can add them separately, whichever you prefer.



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