We know it’s a struggle, you’re stuck in the same room 9-5 and if you’re lucky you maybe have a window and a couple of breaks to gather your thoughts and prepare for what’s coming next.

BUT maintaining a good work/life balance is key when trying to improve your mental and physical wellbeing! Whilst we suspect you love your job (if not…that’s a whole other post!!) Being stuck behind a desk for 8 hours a day can have a seriously negative impact on your health both short and long term.


Here’s our 4 tips to help reduce the risks and work towards a healthier you during your working week!

  1. PLAN PLAN PLAN – If you start on a Monday morning, take a Sunday night to sit down and plan for the week ahead. We LOVE this weekly planner from Paperchase!! Use something like this – or even just your calendar to schedule when you’re going to work out! Add in your keep fit class, your walk with friends or your gym sessions – just add some form of physical exercise to the planner and stick to it!!
  1. MOVE – We totally get that you can’t do tricep dips off your desk so relax! Grab an apple and head for a walk outside for your 10 minute break. Take the stairs instead of the lift and get those steps up on your Fitbit your other half got you for Christmas (mine is still in the box). Walk to your colleague instead of sending an email or lifting the phone. Just move!! All these steps will add up and make for a better Instagram photo of your total steps…we all do it. No shame here!!
  1. DRINK – wine is for weekends, we’re talking H2O here. Water is everything – Grab your water bottle and aim to refill it a few times a day! Water improves concentration and improves your mood. A recent study has shown Employees who take steps to stay hydrated improved the quality of their work and the quality of their lives outside of work!
  1. EAT – healthy! It is so easy to reach for rubbish, or to keep sweets in your top drawer. I even have Maltesers in mine. But let’s dump them and prepare for a healthier desk. Fruit keeps for 3 – 5 days. Walk to the shop on your Monday break – grab some apples, oranges or bananas and keep those in your top drawer. We recognise lunches can be difficult – we’ve made this easier with our 555 menu – 5 meals, £5, under 500 calories available during the Mon – Fri working week!! It’s the perfect balanced lunch choice, no Tupperware, no office smell and no remembering to lift your lunch out of the fridge in the morning. 

Do you have any other tips for staying healthier in work? We’d love to hear them!!