Meet Louise – The Baby of Magherafelt

Louise is a familiar face in our Magherafelt store. At 19 years of age she is the baby of the team but the very heart of it. We managed to get her to be serious (kind of) for 5 minutes so we could find out a bit more about her. Here’s what she had to say

“Hi I’m Louise. I’m 50% bubbly , 20% creative , 20% caring and 11% bad at maths.”

Favourite book? I haven’t read a book since Biff and Chip days…I was asked to leave my English class on various occasions in secondary school. We aren’t off to a good start, are we?

Facebook or Instagram? Instagram

Favourite account to follow right now? Beyoncé – my mum says we look very alike

Favourite Holiday destination? Ballyronan Marina – a stones throw away from my house. You couldn’t take me much further.

Favourite food? Salmon

Dogs or Cats? I come from a family of 7 so we never really had any room for any more. I struggle to take care of my pet hamster Duncan Butterbeans so maybe 4 legged friends aren’t for me.

One thing you can’t live without? Oxygen, obviously

Poached or Scrambled? Perfectly poached.

Strength or Cardio? Pizza

Favourite Slim’s meal? Sesame and Ginger Salmon bowl. I literally eat it

Favourite Slim’s shake? Joker – you are what you drink, eh?

If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be? Always go to the toilet before bed…