Here's Where We Stand With Coronavirus...



I have wanted to hold of on sending an email and mentioning the current pandemic, as my inbox has been full of doom and gloom the past few days.

We are in no position to provide advice but wanted to send you an update on were we are and what we are doing as part of our wider social responsibilities.

In these difficult times of uncertainty and health risk, our communities are staying strongly together to look after each other.

The well being and health of our customers and teams is our utmost priority. Whilst panic and fear are not very helpful, we are taking steps of precaution to make sure that you can safely enjoy our restaurants and hospitality.

• Our staff have added further sanitation areas into our restaurants and all back of house areas.
• We have stressed further the importance to employees working in the restaurants that they have to wash and sanities their hands more frequently.
• We have installed additional hand sanitizing stations through out our restaurants in both customer and staffing areas.
• Coffee stations for takeaway, Sugar, lids and spoons have been removed and will be provided on demand.
• We have decided not to accept re-usable cups for the moment.
• All our drinks and foods can be served in take-away cups or plates on request.
In addition to this, we have advised our staff to avoid handshakes and hugs (only for a while).

We have introduced social spacing in our restaurants and removed a number of tables to create a larger space between parties where possible.

We have seen a rise in customers preferring to minimize public interaction and an increase in our online ordering, We are currently offering 15% off with promo code MARCH15 and you can order here -

We are still available through 3rd party delivery platforms namely Uber eats and Just eat for home delivery, with both providers actively working to reduce contact by using ‘leave at door’ drop-off.

For now nothing will change with our menus but we are currently reviewing our supply chain and preparing a contingency plan, which may include a reduced menu enabling us to operate our kitchens with less people and help to reduce the deliveries coming to our restaurants.

With regards to our prepped meal service, we have spilt the team and have them working alternative shifts, We have also reviewed work stations and relocated staff at greater distance.

Meals plans are live now for next week along with our April bundle and can we ordered HERE. -

We have also asked any staff that can work from home to do so, I appreciate that us not having6 people working in the office may not end the world wide spread but its our little effort to help.

Rest assured that we are staying close to new developments and we will adjust our measurements accordingly.

Your safety, health and wellbeing are very important to us. In these troubling times, we continue to offer you a safe and welcoming space to enjoy the Slim’s Experience.

Slim xox