7 Tips to Help You Work From Home During Covid19




Firstly - i'd like to apologise for using the C word...it's banned in our house unless totally necessary - necessary being 'i think i have C.....' Which Thankfully hasn't been needed! 

If you are already working from home and feel you can add to our tips - post them in the comments. It's a time where we can pull together whilst staying apart. 

Whilst working from home sounds like a luxury, it's really not. It's not a holiday, it's a knock in your routine and its certainly not easy to be as productive as you might be in the office. 

Every job is different and even your role might have changed during the current crisis - but here are some tips that might help keep you in the bosses good books whilst keeping your head in the right place. 


1. Stick to your Routine 

So you don't have to commute or sit in traffic - small wins. But that doesn't mean you should skip your 'work day' prep. Get your break and lunch ready the night before, set out your clothes to wear (we're not saying you need the suit but c'mon take the pj's off), shower and if you normally walk to work...go for a dander outside. But be ready to work at your normal time. Sounds mental? Maybe but it might help you get into the 'ok this is now work' mindset. 

Set a schedule, including breaks and if you normally work a 9am to 5pm - aim to keep this up at home. Keep your evenings work free - we don't need a burn out. 


2. Create a Work Space 

Find a good space in your home, clear it and get ready to make that your new desk. If you don't have a desk, use your dining table. But clear it from any clutter and set up your stationary, work crap and anything else you may need to get through the day. 

And you may need to find somewhere else to eat your dinner...


3...but move during the day.

You don't sit glued to your chair all day when you're in work - so we're not going to do the same at home, okay? It's not healthy for body or mind. Walk to the fridge to get a drink, outside for some fresh air, to the bathroom upstairs to get a few more steps. Every little helps (sorry Tesco - it's a time of need)

If you've gained an extra hour by commuting - take this time to do some at home exercise or go for a walk. 


4. Fresh Air - ahhhhhhh.

We're currently being strongly advised to practice social distancing and limit contact with people - so many people are working from home and alone. This means you're going to be spending a lot more time inside. Open your windows, let the air and light in as much as you can, leave that front door open if safe to do so. If you live in a location where it's safe to take a lunch time walk, do so and wash your hands on return. 


5. Stay In Touch. 

If you work in a team or even in a small office, this is going to be a quiet time for you. Whilst we can't convince others to make our tea, or heat our lunch - we also won't have them to bounce problems off or for support. So let's keep in touch - Send them an email, a Whatsapp or make a quick call to check they're doing ok. Set up regular Skype check ins or video conferencing and start with the question 'are you coping ok? can I do anything to help you?'

6. Try not to multitask 

I hate housework - honestly. But apparently when i work from home...i LOVE it!!! Whilst it seems like a good time to clear the ironing, or clean the fridge. It's not, you've work to do - there's nothing wrong with taking a break. But that break is not for chores. 


7. Weekends 

If you don't normally work weekends - then you certainly don't work them from home. It's going to be a real struggle to keep on top of what day it is when we're all stuck at home...so it's really important to take those two days off. Go to the beach, binge watch that series, bake, learn a new language. That time belongs to you.