If you're thinking about taking up running during isolation....we've the perfect guy for you! 


Meet our Nutrition Athlete, Under Armour runner and olympic qualified, Stephen Scullion - Here's what he had to say.... 


Hey all,
I'm Stephen Scullion a professional runner for Under Armour, I'm 31 years old and I've retired more times than I can count, with very very good cause "Guinness - Obviously" Somehow I end up motivating myself to make a comeback, and gradually I've gotten better and better. My quote would be, "Often knocked back, often self inflicted... But always finding a way to get it back on track or better.
Hence always learning." Currently qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics marathon, which may or may not happen. Hopefully it becomes a huge uplifting moment for us all.

10 REALLY IMPORTANT questions.

1. Favourite Book
The tattooist of auschwitz
2. Facebook or Instagram
Instagram - Cough @Lionscull ;)

3. Favourite account to follow right now and why
Slims Obv, lol - The good life, (@goodlife) it's a fun account, and motivating

4. Favourite Holiday destination
Portrush or all of the north coast - Seriously!
5. Favourite Food

6. How old would you say you were….if you didn’t know your age?

7. Dogs or Cats?
Dogs "fave - Weimaraner"

8. Poached, Scrambled or other?
Poached, unless in a burger or sandwich then fried decently well, little runny.. mmmm

9. Worst present you’ve ever been given?
A scanner for xmas, overlapped with my parents going through there old photos.. Might aswell have gotten a bowling ball with my dads name on it.

10. Best piece of advice you could give people right now?

Honestly, things will get worse before they getter. But plan for the worst, expect the worst to come and visualise how you will adapt/overcome all this - how you will help others on their bad days, so they can support you on yours. Humans have survived much worse, this is not a battle of a virus killing everybody, but it has probably already mentally impacted more than 50% of the population in a negative way don't allow it to take your spirit. Lets get our mental wellbeing in a good enough place to deal with what could be coming.

Finally to take it back to your sport…..

What tips would you give anyone looking to get into running?
Slow things down, and don't rush. Imagine the run you'd like to be capable of doing, maybe that's 4-5 miles around the river etc.. a lap of a park, then break it down into little progressions.. Maybe it's walk/run etc.. don't get hurt before that enjoyable run can happen. Baby steps first and foremost, if it takes 60 minutes for a 5km, that's ok. Then work on it, progress, and constantly learn more and more about your body. Smile also, it helps.
Please Note - the current government advice is to exercise once per day whilst following social distancing guide lines. If you are new to exercising please speak with a qualified professional.