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Life Hub NI.

Life Hub NI was created to help stop food poverty in Northern Ireland. Edmond and his team hand out over 100 food parcels per week from Townsend Street to the people of Belfast who are in need of support. 

Edmond, moved over from London to Belfast as he felt called by God to help others in need. He moved his family here and got started right away on his charity and life’s mission to help others. Early starts have become a normal now for Edmond who gets up at 4.30am each day to drive to all the local supermarkets near and far to collect food that they would have otherwise thrown away. 

Edmond drives over 14,000 miles per year, helping over 87 families per week. He has helped over 1000 families through Covid. Working every single day, without a PENNY of payment from the government or any other funding sources, Edmund doesn’t get a wage for his work is awaiting charity status to be allowed to apply for any funding. 

Weekly we aim to provide Edmund and the team with prepared meals and fresh produce to him their cause.


We are asking for £2 donation to go towards costs and as a business we match it and will cover packaging and labour. 

We will prepare the food fresh and deliver to the team Life Hub NI.

All menu items & macronutrient values may be subject to change according to seasonality and availability without prior notice. We will endeavour to prevent this from happening but in some instances this may be unavoidable.