World Kindness Day – Be Kind To You!

It’s world kindness day – and we think you should be kind TO YOU.


Here’s 10 ways to keep yourself motivated, on track and winning in health and training.  


  1. THOSE PLAYLISTS– There is honesty nothing more frustrating than fiddling with Spotify in the gym or squatting to Adele with tears streaming down your face (been there, I was emotional okkayyyyy) . So, take 10/15 minutes every week to add or remove songs to your very own ‘gym playlist’ Spotify is kind to us and has a few self-created options – handy but might not do it for you. Create your own – it’s the soundtrack to your workout.
  2. BE ORGANISED – training in the morning? It’s super hard this time of year with the dark mornings to wake up fully awake and full of energy let alone making it to the gym. But leave your gym gear out, breakfast ready, water bottle cleaned, filled and in the fridge. You’re just making life that little bit easier for yourself. Training after work? Have that gym bag packed and ready to go – half the battle is getting ready and getting there.
  3. MEAL PREP – Those 2 dreaded words that mean Tupperware and lots of dishes. You can do it yourself, course you can. Cleaning, weighing, cooking and then trying to find the right lid ….OR you can let us do it for you. Our meal plan service starts from just £30 a week and can seriously free up your time and restrictions – treat yourself you deserve it.
  4. GRAB A GYM FRIEND – Life is easier with good friends and this applies to fitness and health, if you’re worried about training alone – why not join a group training programme. It also brings with it a healthy amount of competition to reach your goals too. Gyms can be intimidating but it will also be easier with someone by your side.
  5. NEW GYM GEAR – look we can’t say it’s a fact BUT we’re pretty sure it helps…. Statistics that I just made up there now, say that those new leggings, 3 new sports tops and new trainers are going to help you train harder. Try it and tell me im wrong?
  6. RELAX – It’s Sunday night and your elbow deep in an M&S cheesecake, tomorrow is a brand-new day, chill out, finish your cheesecake, and recover.
  7. KEEP IT SIMPLE – stop allowing the internet to over complicate what you’re trying to achieve. Trying to lose weight – calorie deficit. Wanting to be healthier – make healthier options. Wanting to move more – start simple and increase your steps.
  8. RECORD YOUR PROGRESS – just look at how far you’ve come, be it on weight, lifts, mental health or sleep. Just take a look back through your wins and remind yourself why you’re here. You made a decision to start this journey, there’s been a few bumps but you’re still in a much better place now. You are! Aren’t you?
  9. SLEEP – we’re a favourite of the good old proverb ‘a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything’ and in part it’s true. Try and set a routine and stick to it, your body and your mind will thank you for it.
  10. CELEBRATE – Celebrate your wins, the small wins – the big wins. And celebrate them doing something that matters to you!