I started Slim’s Healthy Kitchen, the casual dining spot known for putting a healthy twist on your favourite food, with the view to make eating out without surprises a lot easier. Part of my role is to consistently push these boundaries and bring new ideas to the table, which is why we have now expanded on our plant based offering, with two brand new dishes.

The two exciting additions are already available in-store and are proving massively popular. They are the hot and spicy vegan Hot Wings made with crispy cauliflower bites, and the dish that has everyone talking; the Moving Mountains B12 vegan Burger.

As reviewed in The IndependentMetro, and the Evening Standard, the vegan Burger is billed as the UK’s first meatless ‘bleeding’ burger, and has not only been making waves in the vegan foodie scene, but proven a big hit with ‘flexitarians’ too.

Developed by innovative food company, Moving Mountains, the succulent burger looks, tastes, feels, sizzles, and even ‘bleeds’ like a regular beef burger – but is 100% plant based. Instead, they are made with mushrooms, pea protein, wheat protein, soy and potato protein, coconut oil, and that all-important mix of herbs and spices to create a seriously convincing patty (if you’re curious, the bleeds-through-the-middle effect is achieved using beetroot juice).

Veganism in the UK has increased by 350% in the past decade, with some 3.5 million Brits now identifying as vegan. The UK consumer is becoming increasingly switched on to the compelling arguments for going plant-based, the plight of animals in the meat and dairy industries, reducing the impact of farming on the environment, and the personal health benefits linked with reducing meat intake.  As a family at home we have been trialing more and more meat free dishes at dinner, and we are very excited to be able to offer our customers even more choice when they dine with us.

 We worked tirelessly perfecting both of these offerings to make sure that we were creating dishes that were not only made from 100% nutritious plant-based ingredients, but that tasted great too. The vegan wings have a serious kick to them for the spice lovers out there.

 Plant based foodies will be delighted to hear that  with these new dishes proving so popular, it will come as little surprise that we will be pushing to stay ahead of the curve with vegan trends. You will definitely see a lot more additions as we roll out our next seasonal menu.

 The vegan Hot Wings and the vegan Burger are available in all three Slim’s Healthy Kitchen branches: Belfast’s Lisburn and Belmont Road stores, as well as Magherafelt, as a sit-in, or take away option.