We are SOO close to opening the doors of our Magherafelt store – and we cannot wait to meet you all. 

But first we want to introduce you to your store manager! 

Meet Sarah, 23 years old with 7 years hospitality experience in Magherafelt under her belt – probably already known to lots of you!! 

We asked Sarah to describe herself – 

“Fuelled by limitless cups of coffee & a strong sense of humour. Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant in my spare time.” 

We couldn’t think of anyone better suited to serve you cups of coffee and nutritious food! 

Now lets get to know Sarah a bit better with some really important questions. 

Favourite book? Tribe of Mentors – it’s better than a degree.

Facebook or Instagram? Instagram

Favourite account to follow right now? Obsessed with Sara Sigmundsdóttir (CrossFit athlete) for some dreamy motivation. Thomas Plummer for wisdom.

Favourite Holiday destination? I’m not hard to please – I love a city break but Donegal wins for me every time.

Favourite food? I’m a weirdo – porridge & protein. I’d live on it if I could….actually, I do.

Dogs or Cats? Dogs but outside of arms reach. Just to look at really.

One thing you can’t live without? I’m not very needy to be honest. Coffee serves me pretty well I suppose.

Poached or Scrambled? Erm, if I’m not making them – poached.

Strength or Cardio? Strength. All day.

Favourite Slim’s meal? Along with 98% of the population – Steak Wrap.

Favourite Slim’s shake? Joker

If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be? Don’t do all nighters during exam season – 6 years later & I’m still doing them. No, I’m joking. I suppose it would be don’t do something just because everyone else is. I tried university 25 times before realising it wasn’t for me. You always find your place.




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