National Nutrition Month

The first couple of months in the year are always a little slow. We’re all crawling back into reality following Christmas & the New Year. Some have embarked on a new health & fitness journey while others are picking up where they left off. Often, we’re a little too hard on ourselves and all things to be enjoyed in life are wiped from beneath our feet.


Then…out of nowhere – it’s March. Three months into the year. How did that happen?

The social calendar is over flowing and we need that 8thday in the week just for recovery. We panic – the eating regime & consistent gym attendance is fired to the wayside. It’s Pancake Tuesday…then St Patrick’s Day…then Mother’s Day…mixed with what seems like EVERYONE’s birthday in between.

The irony is, March is National Nutrition Month.

We believe that every month is crucial for focusing on all things health & nutrition but we’re taking this opportunity to help you out. We’re here to assist in healthier, tastier choices being made  but we do know that such is easier said than done with nights out or days away with friends and family.

We understand that the morning after the night before doesn’t always scream avocado and poached eggs. Maybe decision making is a little cloudy after one too many glasses – so you forget about meal prep for the week and set yourself up for a fail from the get go.


We want you to have ALL the fun, enjoy EVERY social event and simply to LIVE. But we also care about your health and nutrition as much as you should care about your own.

In light of National Nutrition Month, we’ve compiled our top tips to keep you focused over the coming weeks and throughout the years ahead. They’re not difficult. They’re not rocket science. They’re here to help you balance that party life with your valuable health – after all – a little party never hurt anyone:


  1. Hydration

Hydration is king. (or queen, for the ladies) Individual requirements vary depending on a whole range of factors but 2litres daily is a standard benchmark to aim for as an absolute minimum. Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day to remind you to drink up. Be aware of the signs of dehydration – chills, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle cramps. Honestly, increase your water intake and you can thank us later!


  1. Protein for gains

We aren’t talking muscle gains for aesthetics (well..them too if that’s what you’re after) but protein is CRUCIAL in any kind of recovery. Be it from the gym or perhaps you’ve been struck with a few days illness – your body uses protein for growth and repair. Don’t shy away from it. We pride ourselves in our protein offerings from shakes to light breakfasts to delicious main meals. Stuck for ideas? We’ll help you out.



  1. Colour your plate green

Micro is just as big as macro! It’s quite surprising how few adults opt for vegetables with their main meals. I mean, we’re grown ups now and we know the benefits of these super foods……but we pretend they’re the bad guy our parents warned us about?! Ok so, we understand that they’re not DELICIOUS…but…they’re packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber – all of which are KEY in a healthy diet. We encourage the little ones to get stuck into their greens by adding broccoli to the kids meals – adults should try it too!


  1. Chew your food

Sounds insane, right? But, our fast paced lifestyle and hectic diary doesn’t always allow the time for a sit down meal to be enjoyed. Instead, it looks like breakfast while sorting work emails, lunch before running back to the office and dinner in between football runs and gymnastic classes. We inhale our food and put massive stress on our body. There are no teeth in your stomach so your digestive system is unable to break it down, which prevents any goodness from food getting into your body. Eating slower reduces that uncomfortable full up feeling we get when we shove our meals into us without thought.


  1. Never say never

We’re huge advocates of this. Nothing should be eliminated from your diet (unless of course there are allergies/intolerances). Food and all it’s goodness (and yumminess) is there to be enjoyed. We make these choices as healthy for you lovely ones as we possibly can and we even make our own special sweet treats for all you with that killer sweet tooth! They say a little bit of what you fancy does you good – we agree! Our Peanut Butter Balls are a HUGE hit with our customers – the perfect bite to satisfy those cravings. Enough to give the body what it wants without jeopardising your health/nutrition goals.




Life is short – we know – and we want you to be happy. But our health is one of the greatest things we must hold on to. Nobody else will take care of your body so we beg you to do it yourself. Follow the above, move often (and well) and give yourself time to relax with whatever it is you enjoy – and you’ve got this sorted!


Happy National Nutrition Month you lovely lot – we hope we can help on your journeys in any way!