Let’s smash those goals this year!!!

5 tips to smash those New Years Resolutions!!

How many of you can say you stuck to your 2018 new years resolution…even 1 of them? Nope we didn’t either! And chances are it’s not the first year that’s happened.

This year we’re going to help you break the cycle, and help ourselves whilst we’re at it – if your resolution is to take better care of yourself, improve your health and fitness or even just better yourself, we’ve 5 tips to get you started!

1. BE REALISTIC – We’re all guilty of going OTT on the 1st of January– promising to never eat junk again or giving up our favourite drink for the year or dreaming of hitting the gym 7 days a week . BE REALISTIC that’s not 100% going to happen – why not limit junk food or your favourite drink to once a month and with the gym 7 days a week – you’ll need rest at some stage! A smaller goal that is attainable will see you right in to 2020 (wowzers)

2. PLAN AHEAD – Have you already picked your new years resolution? Base it on something you feel you lacked in 2018! Don’t just wake up on the 1st and decide this is how I feel today and what I want – your resolution shouldn’t be based on your mindset that one day and no one will mind if you take an extra week to decide what it is!

3. TALK ABOUT IT – are you keeping it a secret so if you fail no one will know? STOP NOW! Tell friends and family your goal – get them in on it for support, help and celebrations! Even better find someone with the same resolution and you’re no longer on your own. Team work makes the dream work!

4. REWARD YOURSELF – Nope we don’t mean stuffing a whole box of celebrations into you because you didn’t eat junk the first ten days of January – rolls eyes- soz! 12 months – 12 rewards. Plan out how you’ll treat yourself on the 1st of every month after sticking to your resolution – it could be new gym gear to help you with your gym goal – a meal in your favourite restaurant (slims locations right here) or that bag you’re after! TREAT YO’SELF but only if you’ve stayed on track!

5. STICK AT IT – Experts say it takes 21 days to create a habit from a new activity – 3 weeks that’s all! After 6 months it will become part of your personality – nothing happens over night and of course they’ll be the occasional slip up! We’re all human but we’ve got this.