Happy 1st Birthday Magherafelt!!

One Year in Capture

2018, like any other year, had its share of key events, historic moments and situations to remember. Okay, so…we didn’t achieve world peace. We didn’t successfully lead the people back into Stormont. We didn’t conquer this global warming fiasco nor did we manage to fully reverse the destruction to the planet we’re on.


But it wasn’t ALL bad.


In fact, for us on a personal level, 2018 was a remarkable year. It was the year of a new beginning, a number of challenges, a few successes, and one that saw the start of something pretty special for an already unique town.  We worked for weeks and months on end to build the store that we knew every one of you would love. From the striking interior down to the very staff we chose to look after you for the days to come, the finer details took some time to consider but didn’t it all work out perfectly?


When we opened the doors, like any new beginning, we had NO idea what to expect. We simply had to buckle up and embrace what was to come.





The people who were first to grace our doorway grew to be familiar faces. The new menus, shakes, ways of service, soon became second nature and a fresh team of staff turned out to be friends that simply had yet to be acquainted. The Magherafelt Slim’s family took no time to grow and here we are one year on feeling very, very grateful for the support, good times, busy days and feedback from each and every person that we are lucky to call a customer.

From the really very little to those who have been around to experience a lot in this life, our customer base ranges and this is what makes each day different. Your day starts with the local businessman dropping by for a takeaway coffee and the group of ladies who take part in Chris Bradley’s intense bootcamps having a very “clean” breakfast from their plan. Neil Collins joins us for a coffee (or four) and to put the world to rights before the lunch crew flood in for the infamous Satay Bowl. Throughout the day we see a variety of regular faces which makes us think – we must be doing something right (or else we’re just good craic!)

The summer months went by in a whizz and everyone came away unharmed – except one blender that felt the pressure of the demand for our popular shakes! We hosted Christmas Party nights, had our first Halloween, our first Easter. We’ve had birthday parties, gym bonding brunches, business meetings and more – it feels like we have been here forever!



We’d love to shout out to every one of our customers who have made this past year possible, but we’d be celebrating our second birthday by the time we got through them all. We have had some good laughs so I (Sarah) put it to the staff to highlight their favourite moments from their Slim’s journey so far.  Louise clearly pointed out that working alongside me came out top, but playing the ultimate joker of the family ranked close second. Ryan has aged 10 years since we opened!!



Charlie has been the first (and only) male to join the team and what a super addition he has been. Charlie is a firm favourite with the customers – his charm has them leaving the store with both tummy’s and hearts full. Charlie’s highlight is the food. We can’t carry food to Charlie (Charlie can’t actually carry all of his lunch himself) – so if you’re lucky enough to be given a recommendation by Charlie – the ‘tall fella’ – you can be rest assured it’s an honest and accurate one!

Michaela – our favourite barista – unknowingly joined us not as one, but two. We know her favourite moment was bringing the first Slim’s Magherafelt baby into the world – Mr Finn who, once we get an apron to fit will be behind the bar soon enough! Michaela tells of how our most regular, kindest and patient customer Mrs Watterson always lightens her day.

I, honestly, have tried hard but am failing to pick a favourite moment. The year that has past has been amazing. The team around me have rose to the challenge of launching a brand new store, they’ve made me laugh each day (and maybe cry some days), we have met some wonderful customers who have grown to be friends, we’ve rallied around eachother to power through busy services – and high-fived eachother at the end!


So this is one big high-five to EVERYONE that has touched Slim’s 1styear in any way. To staff – both those who have came and left us, and those who are still with us today – your hard work is what keep the customers coming back.

To the customers who keep us busy every single day – thankyou. We couldn’t think of anyone better to feed, serve coffee to, and share stories with. We are truly grateful for your support and we look forward to continuing with this service.


Here’s to the new beginning, the first milestone and to the many more.


Happy Birthday to us – and a great bigTHANKYOUto each one of you!