Don’t Fear The Holiday….

Heading on holidays in the next few weeks? Here’s our top tips for staying on track whilst enjoying your holiday!! 


1. Find a healthy balance

You’ve worked pretty hard to feel comfortable on holidays, we get it! Try and pick sensible menu options and eat like a grown up. You’re not at a kids birthday party and the food isn’t going to vanish off the face of the earth, so you don’t have to eat it ALL in one week. Remember your fruit and veg along side that glass of wine. 

2. Try to get your workout in early

No one wants to lie in bed all day on holidays – and no one wants to work out when everyone else is lying by the pool eating lays and picking their cocktails. Get up, get your work out in and your set up for the day! 

3. Drink a lot of water

Somewhere sunny? Make your first stop is the local shop to grab a few big bottles of water. You should aim to be drinking more than if you were at home. Also break up the cocktails with a few waters, for everyones sake 😉

4. Get lots of sleep

We’re not saying you need to be in bed by 10pm but remember sleep is king/queen. Afternoon naps can also be included here and we know thats our fav part of holidays. 

5. Snack Healthier

Fruit, veg, those protein bars in your suitcase. Every little bit helps!!! 

6. Find an accountability partner.

You’re not on your own and if you are you need new mates (jokes….kinda) Grab someone for that morning walk or gym session, even if they’re just there with you for company you’ll be glad you asked them.

7. Plan ahead

The key to succeeding in anything is to plan ahead! Check out your destination for local gyms, cross fit or even yoga classes. Research restaurants and menus in advance so you’re not overwhelmed on arrival.

Now enjoy your holiday, wear sunscreen and drink responsibly.